FEBRUARY 16-19, 2017

Hotel Murano, Tacoma, Washington


We are thankful each year for the joy that overflows as you walk through the doors and into this community called Madrona.  You set the Rotunda buzzing with sharing, laughter, catching up with friends and making new ones. We don’t want you to miss a minute of Madrona.

Be sure to save FEBRUARY 16-19, 2017

NOTE: This is the 3rd weekend in February. Because of leap year our Madrona dates are a little later and we jump ahead to the 3rd weekend in February along with the President’s Day holiday weekend. Madrona is always held over the US President’s Day holiday weekend.

Madrona 2017 Sneak Preview

We are thrilled to welcome Lucy Neatby back to Madrona!  Lucy has been to Madrona every few years since the very beginning — I can’t even count all the times!  We’ve had wonderful and always colorful times with Lucy over the years.  You have learned all her clever techniques for socks, intarsia, double knitting and so much more. This Madrona we will have some surprises for Lucy as we celebrate all she has meant to us at Madrona over these years – for this is her last year of teaching in the United States.  Lucy will be teaching some of her signature classes and many favorites!

After several years and a few more books, we are so happy to welcome Sally Melville back to Madrona!  Sally attended Madrona last year incognito as a student gobbling up spinning classes.  But she is back to teach for us at Madrona 2017! There are new classes and an update of one of her first and most famous classes – Making the Most of your Yarn Collection. Sally shows you how to put your yarn stash to work in amazing ways!  JC Briar returns to Madrona and it is a pleasure to have her teach again.  Look for her specialty Charts Made Simple. From Stitch Maps to lace and cables, it will all be there.

Jillian Moreno returns again this year.  Her new book, Yarnitecture, for Storey Publishing is out this month and showcases spinning for knitters. In an exclusive class for Madrona, Jillian will explore how each decision in the spinning process affects your finished yarn and the finished knitted project.  Come learn to produce that perfect handspun yarn for the knitted project of your dreams!

We are pleased to welcome Marilyn Romatka to Madrona for the first time. She teaches living folk art crafts from many cultures, learned during her travels to many parts of the world. Marilyn’s passion for fiber arts has taken her from sharing these folk art crafts in her local home-school cooperative beginning 15 years ago to teaching at major fiber arts events around the country. The techniques Marilyn teaches are all deeply-rooted in a culture. As you create in class, you feel a connection with the faraway culture. Join Marilyn at Madrona learning to make Japanese Temari Balls, Bow Loom Weaving from Thailand, and Viking Chain Netting jewelry dating back in Scandinavia to the 8th Century AD.

Of course, you cannot miss Stephanie Pearl-McPhee who always brings surprises to Madrona. We love it and we know you do too!

There is so much more in the works before we complete the full program for Madrona 2017. Here’s how it will all roll out:

  • Another Sneak Preview will come in early September.
  • The 2017 Program Overview will be posted in early October.
  • The full 2017 Madrona Class Schedule and Registration Information will be on our website in late October so you will have time to review it before registration opens.
  • Class Registration will open in November.
  • Hotel Murano Reservations will open when class registration opens in November. No reservations will be accepted prior to then.
  • Remember, there is always a lot to do at Madrona that is free. Join in the fun even if you are not registered. Everyone is welcome and there are no entry fees.

We are grateful that you want to come home to Madrona each year and share it’s magic with your ever widening circle of friends.

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Don’t be confused – we have left some of the Madrona 2016 information in the website Table of Contents at the left. These will disappear soon as we update with 2017 Madrona information.

Stay well and keep on being who you are!  We will see you at Madrona

February 16-19, 2017