FEBRUARY 12-15, 2015

Hotel Murano, Tacoma, Washington



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Be part of the Madrona Community. Informal gatherings and hanging out are part of the Madrona fun and tradition. Even if you don’t take a class, come and enjoy the Market, demonstrations, clinics, evening events and knit and spin with old and new friends. Remember, you only pay for classes and the Saturday banquet – the rest of Madrona is FREE.


Milne_Strike a BalanceWe are very excited to announce our special evening speakers for Madrona.  We welcome Carol Milne, a life long knitter who knits in glass! Knitted Glass! How does she do that? Join us Friday evening and learn how Carol invented this amazing process using the techniques of knitting, lost-wax casting, mold-making and kiln-casting.  Carol will provide an enlightening show of her process and her award winning glass art which has been exhibited internationally. We’ll all be able to see some knitted glass pieces on display Friday evening and all day Saturday in the Rotunda. You can learn more and see her work at carolmilne.com.

Our banquet speaker, Judith MacKenzie, beloved at Madrona and an internationally known teacher, master weaver, spinner, dyer and fiber artist.  There is no one who has more fiber knowledge at her fingertips than Judith! She has long studied the history and traditional techniques in the textile arts. Judith’s talk is titled “Crossing the Barriers of Time and Culture” revealing how our modern world of textile crafts intersects with traditional cultures. Please join us for dinner and this special conversation with Judith!

We are thrilled to have Lucy Neatby return to Madrona and to welcome Amy Herzog for the first time.  Lucy brings a new focus on double knitting from pockets to textured knits and Madrona knitters at all levels will love Amy’s Sweater Bootcamp and all her Fit to Flatter classes.

What a pleasure it is to introduce more new teachers to our Madrona community!  Stephenie Gaustad is one of the luminaries in the spinning world and she will immerse you into the art and technique of spinning cotton, flax and hemp which is the focus of her new book just released this spring from Interweave. Faina Goberstein grew up in Russia learning to knit with nary a pattern and she will take you into the world of seamless knitting from construction to shaping. She has combined her careers as a math professor and knitting designer in her recent book The Art of Seamless KnittingBetty Salpekar’s Solefull Socks has upended the design of socks which allows for amazing colorful designs that build from the sole up and all around. See the Summer issue of Interweave Knits for a preview of Betty’s designs. You loved John Mullarkey’s classes in Card Weaving and he is back with a new adventure in Egyptian Diagonals. Galina Khmeleva is returning as promised with more Orenburg lace knitting, Russian spindle spinning and knitting techniques with all her colorful stories.  Catherine Lowe always has something special for Madrona and this time it is a real mystery she has unraveled from a picture in an obscure European publication! It’s a technique which gives your knitted fabric a subtle yet elegant surface texture with a single color and becomes bold and arresting the more colors you use. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has another Teacher’s Talent Show for Charity in store for you and a few more surprises up her sleeve, Judith MacKenzie will take the dye pot and spinning wheel for a transformational colorful whirl, and Franklin Habit will have you knitting color like never before with his Knitted Plaid!  What would be a Madrona without another special and exclusive design from Mary Scott Huff whose fertile mind is hard to keep up with.  Did you see her Great Horned Owl and Horned Rim Glasses cardigan on the cover of the newest Knitty.com mag? Sivia Harding has been studying Japanese decorative mending and invites you to explore with her the joy in the creative use of color and texture of this ancient art. We are excited to have Karen Alfke return after several years with a special class that has been percolating and is ready for you all to taste. Anne Berk brings you more Intarsia, Evelyn Clark will guide you in lace design and Janine Bajus has more Fair Isle to share with you. Jean Wong will help you delve into the world of Japanese knitting pattern drafting and finishing techniques and Linda Gettmann returns to get more of you into the joys of weaving. Wait there is more…….. To put those special touches on your knitted garments, Margaret Radcliffe has a new book The Knowledgeable Knitter and new classes that will show you how to make the perfect collar from round to shawl and a new technique to make a reversible border that’s perfect for the fronts of cardigans.  Debbi Stone’s Knitting with your iPad was so popular last year we have extended it and added more from her creative genius. E-spinning is ever more popular and Amelia Garripoli is offering her Power Spinning class again and will also be spindling away, this time, with exotic fibers. Sarah Anderson will help you tame that luxurious and slippery silk so that it spins into a lovely yarn and you will also find her in the Rotunda helping solve spinning problems and mentoring new spinners. The joys of Turkish spindling will be yours after a class with Ilisha Helfman in which you’ll get your own Aegean spindle by Ed Jenkins!  So many of you wanted to discover a very magical way to knit gloves with the “helicopter technique” from the tips down that we asked Y’vonne Cutright to return and repeat her class.  Finally, but certainly not least, we could not keep on knitting, spinning and weaving without Carson Demers who will show you the secrets to sitting and knitting so that we banish all those kinks from our fingers, wrists and backs. We may set the stage but what happens at Madrona is in the minds, hearts and inspirations of all of you who walk through our doors. We can never thank you enough for your extraordinary support and making Madrona YOURS!