FEBRUARY 14-17, 2019

Hotel Murano, Tacoma, Washington

Madrona 2019 will be Fabulous in Every Way

We are thankful for the joy that overflows as you walk through the door and into Madrona.  We will have a joyful celebration for what Madrona has meant to each of you. We hope you will carry the spirit of Madrona in your heart always. This is how Madrona will live on and flourish.

Madrona 2019 Sneak Preview

What a privilege it is to welcome Vivian Høxbro back to Madrona after many years absence. She has been researching the Danish Nattrøjer (nightshirt) and the distinctive star and cross patterns that were traditional on these knitted shirts. The nattrøjers were humble undergarments and worn day and night becoming felted in the process. Vivian’s book is a new appreciation of a national Danish treasure. She has written full patterns for nine delightful and beautiful modern sweaters. Although her book Strik Danske Stjernetrøjer is only available in Danish, there is an English version in the works and hopefully will be available by Madrona.

Vivian will give the Friday evening talk before the Teacher’s Gallery about her research, and the Danish Nattrøjer that her great, great grandmothers wore every day. She will include many photos from her book and have with her a sampling of the beautiful sweaters that are in the book.  Vivian will be teaching a class she calls “Star Struck” to learn how to knit the 19th-century stars. There are many different kinds of stars, and they can be used in a lot of patterns.

We are thrilled to have Sally Melville return for this last Madrona. At the very first Madrona, she spoke on Saturday evening and has taught regularly throughout the 20 years of Madrona! Sally will be our Banquet Speaker, and her talk will give us a window into her life as a knitter and the unpredictable journey she has pursued, missteps she took, continuing to do the knitting she loves, and the value of putting one foot in front of the other refusing to be defeated. Join Sally as she tells us her story!

We welcome Elise Duvekot all the way from the Netherlands! Elise has sock techniques like you have never seen! Learn the Knit-One-Below technique as you make socks with stripes that are vertical and the stretchy fabric hugs the foot. With the unusual heel and matching toe, all of these features add up to a two-color sock that is a far cry from conventional knitted socks!

You loved Kate Larson at Madrona last year when she spoke on Friday evening about her life and her flock of Border Leicester Sheep!  We promised that she would return.  We welcome back Kate with open arms to teach a special class, “Knitting with Handspun Yarns” culled from her years of spinning and knitting. She shares some approaches to knitting with handspun by better understanding fiber character, twist, spinning style and more! Kate will have samples of handspun yarns to taste, and you’ll want to bring your own handspun yarns you have questions about.  In class, you will make a notebook that includes yarn samples and your own swatches.

Of course, you cannot miss Stephanie Pearl-McPhee who always brings surprises to Madrona and the Teacher’s Talent Show for Charity! We love it, and we know you do too!

Be sure to save February 14-17, 2019

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  • Remember, there is always a lot to do at Madrona that is free.  Join in the fun even if you are not registered. Everyone is welcome and there are no entry fees.  

We are grateful for your loyalty and support through all these 20 years. On this last Madrona we celebrate each of you. We hold you in our hearts and we will miss each and every one of you.

We will see you at Madrona one last time!

February 14-17, 2019