FEBRUARY 11-14, 2016

Hotel Murano, Tacoma, Washington

Dear Madrona Friends,

Each February we are blown away by the energy that gets ignited as you greet friends that you have shared Madrona with over these past 16 years! We know that friends are part of that Madrona Magic! You set the Rotunda buzzing with sharing, laughter, catching up on life happenings, knitting and spinning together, asking “How did you do that?” and quiet conversations.


Another fabulous Madrona is in the works. Be sure to save February 11-14, 2016

NOTE: Don’t be confused. We still have some of the Madrona 2015 information in the website Table of Contents at the left.  These will disappear as we update with 2016 Madrona information.

We can’t wait to tell you all about our plans for Madrona 2016. Here’s how it will all roll out:

  • Sneak Previews will come before the end of July and another in August.
  • The 2016 Program Overview will be posted in late September.
  • The full 2016 Madrona Class Schedule and Registration Information will be on our website in late October so you will have time to review it before registration opens.
  • Class Registration will open in November.
  • Hotel Murano Reservations will open when class registration opens in November. No reservations will be accepted prior to then.
  • Remember, there is always a lot to do at Madrona that is free. Join in the fun even if you are not registered. Everyone is welcome and there are no entry fees.

Madrona is the community in which everyone is welcome and belongs. We are grateful that you want to come home to Madrona each year and share its magic with your ever widening circle of friends!

Be sure to watch our website.  We will post everything right here. To sign up for our email list click on “Mailing List” above if you have not done so already and we will keep you informed.

If you have questions, please click on “Contact Us” above and you will be able to email questions or phone us.