FEBRUARY 15-18, 2018

Hotel Murano, Tacoma, Washington


We are thankful each year for the joy that overflows as you walk through the doors and into the community called Madrona.  You set the Rotunda buzzing with sharing, laughter, catching up with friends and making new ones. We don’t want you to miss a minute of Madrona.

Remember that Madrona is always over the US President’s Day Holiday weekend and again this year, it is the 3rd weekend in February.

Madrona 2018 Sneak Preview

Kate LarsonWe are thrilled to welcome Kate Larson to Madrona! Kate loves using fiber arts as a bridge between her passions for art and agriculture. Kate is the sixth generation of her family to live and work on their Indiana farm. She now grazes her flock of beloved Border Leicester sheep in pastures cleared by her ancestors. She teaches spinning and knitting throughout the US and is the author of The Practical Spinner’s Guide: Wool (Interweave 2015) and many articles for Spin-Off Magazine. At Madrona, Kate will be teaching among other classes Spinning for Bandweaving and Gradient Yarns: A Spinner’s Study in Shifting Shades.

Kate will be our speaker on Friday evening before the Teacher’s Gallery. She will share her adventures as a shepherd to an ever-growing flock of Border Leicester sheep, a bit about her family’s history and the path that led her home after knitting abroad and farming in rural Vermont for a year without running water!

We are welcoming Nancy Bush back to Madrona and she has some new classes from Estonia to share with you. The Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs presented a letter of gratitude to Nancy last year at the Estonian Consulate in New York City, thanking her for many years of introducing the culture and history of Estonia to Americans. Join Nancy, our Saturday night banquet speaker, as she takes you on a journey of her discovery of Estonia, falling in love, and how this changed and embellished, not only her knitting but her life!

We are so happy to have Beth Brown Reinsel back at Madrona this year. Beth is challenging you with the Scottish Sanquhar Gloves in a 2-day class. These intricately patterned gloves from the Sanquhar district of 19th century Scotland are a joy and a challenge to knit. They are colorful and have many distinctive small patterns and tiny gussets around the fingers and thumb. Beth will expertly guide you through designing your glove to fit your hand and you will come out of the workshop with most of a full-sized glove completed!

After a number of years, we are pleased to have Candace Eisner Strick return to Madrona. Candace has written many books and her newest one is all about skirts – Knit My Skirt (XRX, 2016). Candace will be teaching Basically Yours: Custom Skirts. With just a smidgeon of math and some beautiful yarn, you can enter the zone of skirt knitting with some charming hemline special effects. Candace will show you how to design and knit a skirt that is uniquely your own! She will also challenge you with a magic trick that is better than pulling a rabbit out of a hat and so cool you won’t believe that it can be done – Making the Impossible Possible – a double knit mobius in two colors. Think about it!

For those of you who have taken John Mullarkey’s tablet weaving classes it’s time to take the next step and design your own pattern. John will lead you from start to finish as you weave your own original one-of-a-kind band. We are delighted to welcome Myrna Stahlman to Madrona. She will teach us how to incorporate shoulder shaping for a shawl that stays on without the need for a shawl pin. Knitting a Fair Isle shawl in the round with a steek? Janine Bajus has all the answers and guides you through all the steps!

Franklin Habit has a new technique to beautifully embellish your knitting! Using waste canvas, as the stitches are finished what is left behind is your embellished knitting. Never embroidered your knitting before? No problem, Franklin shows you how with easy steps! You loved Hilary Grant’s cobweb lace felted scarves last year. She has a new challenge for you this year – Botanical Eco Printing in Color – beautiful clear and crisp leaf prints on silk scarves. You will leave the workshop with 5 lovely silk scarves in many combinations of colors. Want to knit one of the most comfortable and simple garments – it’s a Raglan Sweater! Amy Herzog solves all the problems of fit in Raglan Sweaters to produce a sweater you can’t wait to wear! Amy goes through Raglans in detail and also discusses ways to make it your own.  You will come away from class with a basic Raglan pattern custom fitted just for you!

Judith MacKenzie will have her dye pots humming away and she will be spinning paper – it is an old and honorable art and makes a beautiful, washable and oh-so-wearable yarn! Learn to make classic Argyle socks with Harry Wells. But Wait! Harry has something else in store for you – very cool retro and contemporary variations on Argyle and other intarsia retro argyle designs in garments and accessories!  Susanna Hansson is back to teach her famous Swedish Bohus Stickning class – full of history and a unique knitting style.

Of course, you cannot miss Stephanie Pearl-McPhee who always brings surprises to Madrona and the Teacher’s Talent Show for Charity! We love it and we know you do too!

There is so much more in the works before we complete the full program for Madrona 2018.  Here’s how it will all roll out:

  • Watch our website and sign up for our Mailing List if you have not already. We will keep you informed.
  • The 2018 Program Overview will be posted on the website in early October.
  • The full 2018 Class Schedule and Registration Information will be on our website in late October.
  • Class Registration will open in November
  • Hotel Murano Reservations will open when class registration opens in November. No reservations will be accepted prior to then.
  • Remember, there is always a lot to do at Madrona that is free. Join in the fun even if you are not registered. Everyone is welcome and there are NO ENTRY FEES.

We are grateful that you want to come home to Madrona each year and share its magic with your ever widening circle of friends.

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Stay well and keep on being who you are. We will see you at Madrona!

February 15-18, 2018