Nihon Vogue Certificate Courses in Seattle

The Nihon Vogue Certificate Courses, offered by the Japanese Nihon Amimono Culture Association, are coveted in Japan as training for the finest knitwear designers.

Madrona Fiber Arts is proud to be able to offer these same Nihon Vogue Certificate Courses in the Seattle area taught by Jean Wong, the only certified  Nihon Vogue instructor in North America.  Jean Wong has taught Nihon Vogue Certificate Courses in Taiwan and Vancouver, Canada for over 20 years. She currently resides in Richmond, British Columbia and comes to Seattle to teach four levels of the Nihon Vogue Course.

About the Nihon Vogue Certificate Courses

The Japanese knitting techniques as prescribed by the Japanese Nihon Amimono Culture Association (NAC) are unique, precise and extremely effective methods to draft knitwear patterns for a perfect fit, tailor many types of necklines and sleeves, and finish a garment professionally. These knitting methods are not taught by teachers in the United States but have been a standard in Japan with the Nihon Vogue Certificate knitting courses offered through the NAC and recognized by the Japanese Minister of Education since 1961.

The Nihon Vogue Master Courses in Knitting Design and Pattern Drafting consist of 3 different levels (Level 1, Level 2, and a combined Level 3-4). Each course level requires 10 weekend sessions and students progress through all 3 levels as a class. There are usually two different classes of students that take place at the same time – each class taking a different level. Each level takes approximately 16 months to complete all 10 weekend sessions due to the extensive amount of homework and knitting required between sessions.  Students receive a certificate at the successful completion of each course level. Each class of students will complete all levels approximately 5 years after beginning the course.

Apprenticeship Method of Instruction

The Nihon Vogue Course as taught by Jean Wong offers an exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself with Jean as your Master who provides step-by-step instruction in a small group setting of no more than 14 students in each class group. When you take this course from Jean you are apprenticing yourself to a master – a master with infinite patience whose goals is that you will succeed. This type of instruction will enable you to learn the distinctive and exacting Japanese techniques that will set you free to create your own garments as a master knitter and designer.

If you are interested in pursuing Nihon Vogue coursework or wish more information:

  • Please contact Suzanne Pedersen of Madrona Fiber Arts at or call 425-222-3554.
  • We require that you take the two day Tailored Knitting Workshop offered by Jean Wong at the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat each February.  This will serve as a valuable introduction to the Japanese knitting and pattern drafting techniques of Nihon Vogue and Jean’s teaching methods.