Overview of Madrona 2014

Our first Madrona 15 years ago was incredible.  Returning to be with us as they were in those earliest years are Sally Melville, Beth Brown-Reinsel, Nancy Bush and Anita Luvera Mayer. Begin or expand your pattern drafting skills with Sally and spend a couple of days with Beth learning to make the perfect Gansey sweater.  Nancy has designed a new lace shawl in the Estonian tradition just for you and we will put you in Anita’s hands to create more than you ever imagined.

We are very excited to announce our special evening speakers for Madrona, the 15th year!  We welcome Galina Khmeleva who brings the Orenburg lace tradition to Madrona to speak at our Friday evening Teacher’s Gallery. Galina takes us along on her own journey from St. Petersburg, Russia and the history of the Russian knitters and handspinners who have created the luxurious Orenburg lace shawls and scarves.  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee will host Thursday evening’s Teachers Talent Show for fun and charity AND we are thrilled to have her speak at the Saturday night banquet. Stephanie has been a special part of the Madrona family for many years and it is especially meaningful to have her speak at our 15th celebration dinner.  There is no one in our fiber world so in touch with the spirit of what it means to be part of a community and why it is important than Stephanie. She will share her insights with rollicking humor and honesty! Please join us for all these evenings.

We are welcoming Mary Jane Mucklestone, Galina Khmeleva, John Mullarkey and Y’vonne Cutright for the first time to the Madrona family! Delve into Fair Isle motifs and Scandinavian colorwork with Mary Jane, Orenburg lace knitting and spinning from Russia with Galina and John will have you card weaving bands in no time! With Y’vonne, you will discover a very magical way to knit gloves – with a “helicopter technique” from the tips down.

And Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Judith MacKenzie, Franklin Habit and Jacey Boggs are just a few of your faves that will be returning! What could be better than another Teacher Talent Night and much more that Stephanie has in store for us or imagining and exploring “Illusions” with Franklin and the pleasures of spinning with Judith and Jacey.

Susanna Hansson first introduced us to the Bohus tradition and she is returning with a very special Bohus class which includes a 15th year anniversary treat direct from her native Sweden. There are more favorites joining us:  Anne Berk teaching Intarsia, Linda Gettmann brings us some more fancy weaves on the rigid heddle loom, Bill Jones shows us his tricks for stabilizing knitted fabric that he keeps cutting up, Jean Wong will help you delve into the world of Japanese knitting pattern drafting and finishing techniques. Susan Newhall takes on demystifying color theory and if you want to learn support spindling on a variety of spindles, Lisa Chan will not only teach you but she will make a custom spindle for you if you ask her.

Wait there is more!  You’ll find a brand new class from Carson Demers to teach you how to keep your body in tune while knitting, Catherine Lowe repeats her very popular “The”WOW Factor”, there are more spinning tricks with Sarah Anderson and Amelia Garripoli, as well as clever new projects from the design artistry of Sivia Harding.

Evelyn Clark  will be teaching Icelandic Lace and you will strand many colors with Mary Scott Huff.  Both Evelyn and Mary have designed wonderful special Madrona 15th year celebration patterns just for you. They are available in free downloads in our Table of Contents at the left. We are looking forward to seeing your scarves and hats in lots of different colors at Madrona.  More Info on these fabulous patterns are below. 

We may set the stage but what happens at Madrona is in the minds, hearts and inspirations of all of you who walk through our doors.  We can never thank you all enough for your extraordinary support all these 15 years and making Madrona Yours.

Be part of the Madrona Community – February 13-16, 2014.  We’ll see you there!