The Madrona 2019 Program Overview

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What a privilege it is to welcome Vivian Høxbro back to Madrona after many years absence. She has been researching the Danish Nattrøjer (nightshirt) and the distinctive star and cross patterns that were traditional on these knitted shirts. The nattrøjers were humble undergarments and worn day and night becoming felted in the process. Vivian’s book is a new appreciation of a national Danish treasure. She has written full patterns for nine delightful and beautiful modern sweaters. Although her book Strik Danske Stjernetrøjer is only available in Danish, there is an English version in the works and hopefully will be available by Madrona.

Vivian will give the Friday evening talk before the Teacher’s Gallery about her research, and the Danish Nattrøjer that her great, great grandmothers wore every day. She will include many photos from her book and have with her a sampling of the beautiful sweaters that are in the book. Vivian will be teaching a class she calls “Star Struck” to learn how to knit the 19th-century stars. There are many different kinds of stars, and they can be used in a lot of patterns.

We are thrilled to have Sally Melville return for this last Madrona. At the very first Madrona, she spoke on Saturday evening and has taught regularly throughout the 20 years of Madrona! Sally will be our Banquet Speaker, and her talk will give us a window into her life as a knitter and the unpredictable journey she has pursued, missteps she took, continuing to do the knitting she loves, and the value of putting one foot in front of the other refusing to be defeated. Join Sally as she tells us her story!

We welcome Elise Duvekot all the way from the Netherlands! Elise has sock techniques like you have never seen! Learn the Knit-One-Below technique as you make socks with stripes that are vertical and the stretchy fabric hugs the foot. With the unusual heel and matching toe, all of these features add up to a two-color sock that is a far cry from conventional knitted socks! Besides teaching her signature Knit-One-Below Columns of Color and Columns of Cables she will teach Swirled Shawls. You loved Kate Larson at Madrona last year when she spoke on Friday evening about her life and her flock of Border Leicester Sheep!  We promised that she would return. We welcome back Kate with open arms to teach a special class, “Knitting with Handspun Yarns” culled from her years of spinning and knitting. She shares some approaches to knitting with handspun by better understanding fiber character, twist, spinning style, and more! Kate will have samples of handspun yarns to taste, and you’ll want to bring your own handspun yarns you have questions about. In class, you will make a notebook that includes yarn samples and your own swatches.

We are so happy to have Beth Brown-Reinsel back this year for the last Madrona. Like Sally Melville, Beth taught at the very first Madrona. In honor of Beth’s new revised and expanded Knitting Ganseys edition which was released just this year, she will be teaching Traditional Gansey Techniques as well as Latvian Wristers. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is beloved by us and all of you at Madrona. When she walks through the door, Madrona lights up and we never know what to expect! Besides teaching her popular classes, Stephanie and our fabulous teachers will create another not-to-be-missed Teacher’s Talent Show for Charity on Thursday evening—remember it’s a secret!

For those of you who have taken John Mullarkey’s tablet weaving classes, it’s time to create your own Fan Band. If you know how many actors have played Dr. Who, when Harry Potter first spoke in parseltonque, or the star date of Captain James T. Kirk’s birth, this class is for you! We’ll weave bands using the double-faced technique to create images inspired by your favorite show or movies!  Janine Bajus has all the answers for Fair Isle knitting—from Elegant Steeks and Bands to Fair Isle Finishing Tips and Techniques, and Color in Fair Isle—Janine will guide you through all the steps. She will also be in the Rotunda for a clinic to answer all your Fair Isle questions. Janine’s book, The Joy of Color: Fair Isle Knitting Your Way is a must have!  We welcome Gayle Roehm back to Madrona. She is the translator of Hitomi Shida’s Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible and several other upcoming Japanese knitting books. She has lived in Japan and speaks Japanese. Join Gayle as she teaches Japanese Fingerless Mitts from Hitomi Shida and cleverly-constructed cabled slippers from Michiyo.  She will also introduce you to how to decipher Japanese patterns without knowing the language!

Those of you who have been waiting to have Franklin Habit teach Knitted Tessellations-playful and powerful patterns in practice! Wait no longer, the time is here! A hands-on introduction to the creation of tessellations: motifs that interlock without gaps or overlaps. Tessellations are as old as design itself and were famously used in the modern era by the artist M.C. Esher. Franklin warns you to get a good night’s sleep before this class! You raved about the results of Hilary Grant’s silk scarves—Botanical Eco Printing in Color—beautiful clear and crisp leaf prints on silk scarves. Hilary is repeating this class, as so many of you have asked for it! You will leave the workshop with five lovely silk scarves in many combinations of colors. Want to knit one of the most comfortable and simple garments—it’s a Raglan Sweater! Amy Herzog repeats this comfy favorite sweater that so many have asked for! She solves all of the problems of fit in Raglan Sweaters to produce a sweater you can’t wait to wear. Amy goes through Raglans in detail and also discusses ways to make it our own. You will come away from the class with a basic Raglan pattern custom fit just for you!

Judith MacKenzie will have her dye pots humming away including two sessions on Dyeing with Lichens. You could not believe the long wait list for this class! Judith will also show you how to Spin for Shifting Light: Shade, Tint, and Tone without nary a dye pot. Instead, we will learn how to create yarns that move light magically through our work! Harry Wells returns with more cables—Advanced Twists on Twists: Reversible, Two-color, Multi-color and Textured Cables—sounds like lots of fun learning! Susanna Hansson is back to teach her famous Swedish Bohus Stickning class—full of history and a unique knitting style.  You’ll begin using yarns imported from Sweden and knit in class on Blue Shimmer wristlets.  Margaret Radcliffe joins us for this last Madrona with a new class Ouroboros Moebius Design Workshop. This class transforms the usual moebius to a very easy approach—no particular cast-on, no advanced techniques, and no special needles required! Margaret will also teach one of our favorite classes—Bring Out the Best in your Variegated Yarn.

Those of you who love Catherine Lowe’s couture knitting will have the chance this year to delve into Catherine’s Principles of Design. This class will give you the analytical tools you need!  Debbi Stone is back! This year she again unravels the secrets of using Ravelry to your best advantage and takes on Creating you Own Unique Stitch Patterns. You’ll find Galina Khmeleva with husband George in their booth with luscious fiber but she will step out long enough to teach Spinning the Orenburg Way with emphasis on spinning those luscious luxury fibers. Jean Wong, a Nihon Vogue certified instructor, will help you delve into the world of Japanese Knitting pattern drafting and finishing techniques.

Henry and Roy Clemes will be teaching Exploring The Drum Carder—fiber is fed into the carder, ends up on the big drum, and magically turns into a batt.  If you want to know how a drum carder does its magic this is the class for you. All materials, carders, and tools will be provided by the instructors! Amelia Garripoli will take over the Clemes and Clemes drum carders for blending that perfect art batt that is so glorious you don’t want to even spin it! She will also be teaching a very special Rigid Heddle class called Magic Ikat. This is a great second project once you’ve mastered the basics of Rigid Heddle Weaving. Magic Ikat takes already space-dyed yarn and creates a beautiful visual result. Amelia will also be teaching her very popular Power Spinning class. Ilisha Helfman invented Jazzknitting and wrote the book that uses the placement of color in hand painted skeins to make unusual and fascinating shapes. In Knitting Tiffany: Ferns and Flowers, join Ilisha in transforming the luminous colors inspired by Tiffany lampshades into knitted ferns and flowers. All these shapes and techniques can be used for multiple projects and you will leave class with lots of creative new ideas. Join Michele Lee Bernstein who will be teaching an easy way to do Brioche in the Round with Two Colors! Her other class, Yo-Yo! Fun and Fancy Elongated Stitches is a way to dress up your stockinette stitch. The stitches create lacy effects that are impressive to the eye but not as hard as they look.

Ahh, Mary Scott Huff returns for another go at Shapely, Sexy Steeks! She will show you how to plan and use steeked openings in your knitting to make shaped and fitted stranded garments. Other classes include Stars and Stripes: the Norwegian Fana Sweater and Sassy Selbuvotter, an exploration of traditional Selbuvotter techniques and history. Join Anne Berk as she teaches you another extension of Intarsia in the Round, this time Intarsia Knitting Design. Those who have played with the basic intarsia technique, you can “paint” pictures without stranding to create a single layer of fabric. This class explores how to use Intarsia in the Round to its full potential. Evelyn Clark has been at the forefront of lace knitting design for many years. With Evelyn to guide you, delve into Original Lace Design techniques and explore Icelandic Lace Traditions based on a historic Reykjavik shawl. Marilyn Romatka travels to many parts of the world and brings back the culture of many folk arts that she teaches. This time Marilyn will be teaching Japanese Temari Balls. Temari balls are exquisitely wound and embroidered gems that are given to a loved one on an auspicious occasion. Marilyn will again be teaching the very popular, Viking Chain Netting Jewelry that dates back in Scandinavia to the 8th Century AD.

Michael Kelson will be teaching Spinning Tweed Effects Using Silk. Tweed yarns are great fun to spin and they typically have inclusions which add color or textured elements to plied yarn. Using Silk is a great way to add a tweedy effect to your yarn. Sarah Anderson’s new class this year is Inspired Spinning: All those Braids. With the many talented dyers out there, we spinners are surrounded with braided explosions of color. This will be a day of inspiration, experimenting and trying out many ways to use these dyed fibers. Sarah will also be showing you how to Spin Boucle Yarns. With a core, looping ply, and binder, the boucle technique offers a multitude of variations. If you miss Sarah in class, you can find her on Saturday and Sunday in the Rotunda as the spinning mentor. She will be happy to answer any questions and get you started on spinning.  Finally, but certainly not least, we could not keep on knitting, spinning and weaving without Carson Demers whose new book, Knitting Comfortably: The Ergonomics of Handknitting will show you all the secrets of sitting and knitting so that we banish all those kinks from our fingers, wrists, and backs! This well illustrated and easy to use book is a must-have! Besides his popular small Knitting Analysis classes, Carson will be teaching Knitting Happily Ever After—Ergonomics for Knitters.

We will see you at Madrona one last time!

February 14-17, 2019