Retreat Registration Instructions



  1. Have alternative class choices available and check the Class Schedule to see classes that have openings. We will post class closings on the class schedule page in the days and weeks after registration opens.
  2. If you are unable to register yourself we recommend that you designate someone to register for you using your email address. See instructions below for having someone else register for you.
  3. Read Registration Instructions below!
  4. To Register click on the red “BEGIN REGISTRATION” button that will appear on the bottom of this page when registration is open.

Class Fees and Cancellation Policy

  • Class Fees. There is no registration fee. You pay only for the classes you want to attend. There are a few special class rates and these are listed with the specific class on the class schedule. You are welcome to come to the retreat any and all days you wish.
    3 hr. classes: $95
    6 hr. classes: $190
    9 hr. classes: $285
    2 Day (12 hr.) classes: $350
    Banquet: $55 (see Saturday’s Schedule)
  • Class Materials Fee. If a class has a materials fee it is listed on the schedule with the class description. The materials fee will be added to the class fee and collected together when you register for that class.
  • Payment Options. You may pay by check or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card. Pay online with our secure online registration process. If you pay by credit card, the full amount for your registration will be charged within 10 days after you register. If you choose to pay by check, full payment must be received within 10 days to keep your classes.
  • Cancellation and Refunds Policy. For cancellations, class exchanges or additions and any other changes to your registration you must fill out the online Registration Change form and submit it. No changes or cancellations can be done online through the registration process.
    • There is no charge to add a class to your registration.  Exchanges are dependent on the class you want being available.
    • A $25 class cancellation and exchange fee will be applied to each class cancelled or exchanged after registration.
    • No refunds after January 3, 2019. HOWEVER, individual class fees may be refunded minus the $25 cancellation fee ONLY if your place is filled from a wait list for that class by January 31, 2019.  We will try to assist you in any way we can.  We do not allow trading of class spaces without contacting us.
    • Materials fees and the banquet are fully refundable until February 1, 2019.
    • After February 1, 2019 we will finalize the class rosters, deactivate the wait list and no further changes or additions to classes will be accepted. If you are on a wait list and have not heard from us by February 1st then you were not placed in the class.
    • No one wants to have to cancel just a few weeks or less before the retreat and if they do it is because of a change in personal circumstances, illness, or something far more serious. We understand the serious nature of cancellations but Madrona cannot bear the sole risk for your circumstances that cause you to cancel. We all take risks when we buy tickets ahead. Madrona does have a cancellation and refund policy that is generous by the standards of most events. We keep a class wait list and will provide a refund after our class cancellation deadline ONLY when your place is filled from a wait list for that class by January 31, 2018.

Registration Instructions

  • Registering for the Banquet Only. You can choose to register for only the banquet when you begin the registration process and, therefore, by-pass all the classes.
  • Registering for someone other than yourself. If you are unable to be available to register yourself on November 8th, we recommend you consider having someone register for you. Every person taking classes must be registered separately. One registration per person. If you are registering for another person be sure you have all of their contact information. You must register the person using their email address and their own name, address and phone number.  You may use your credit card to pay for the person you are registering for by entering your own billing address and card number at checkout. Only if the person you are registering for does not have an email address should you use your own email address. If you have already registered for yourself with your email address, you will be asked if you want to start a new registration. Click on “Start a new registration” and proceed to enter the new name, address and phone number. Ignore the email message you will receive from Regonline about “continuing your registration”. Note that if you use your own email address for somebody else’s registration, you will receive all future notifications related to that person’s registration. We will rely on you to pass along the information to the other person.
  • Changes and additions to your registration. No changes, class additions, exchanges or cancellations can be done online through the registration process. Fill out the online Registration Change Form and submit it. Your change or class addition will be handled ASAP. A fee may be charged for changes or cancellations. Check our Cancellation and Refund Policy for more information.
  • Wait List. If the class you want is full and you still want the class, fill out the online Wait List Form and submit it.  You CANNOT be on a wait list and also enroll in another class during that same time slot. Only submit the Wait List Form if you do not want another class in the same time slot as the one that is full.  You will be placed on the wait list in the order that your form is received and notified if an opening becomes available. You will have 2 days to respond before we move on to the next person. Note that there are similar classes taught by different teachers so you may find another class on the same topic that interests you.
  • Registration Confirmation. When your registration is completed you will be emailed a registration confirmation. You must read and save this confirmation that is emailed to you. It contains a link to your registration record and payment as well as other important information. If you do not see the registration confirmation in your “in box” check your spam folder. Let us know if you do not receive this emailed confirmation.
  • Madrona’s Registration Process: To understand more background information about our registration process we recommend reading the Understanding Madrona Registration page.
  • For more general information on all things Madrona go to the Winter Retreat FAQs page

Registration Do’s and Don’ts

  • MOVE THROUGH THE REGISTRATION PAGES QUICKLY AND DON’T CLICK ON ANY “MAKE CHANGES” BUTTON TO GO BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGES. Corrections can be made or classes can be added at no charge afterwards by submitting the “Change Registration Form” on the Madrona website. We will make any changes ASAP.
  • CLASS CHOICES ARE NOT YOURS UNTIL YOU HAVE ENTERED PAYMENT INFORMATION AND CLICKED ON THE “FINISH” BUTTON. Have your classes and alternates available so you can make your class choices quickly and move on to check out.
  • CLICK ON THE “CONTINUE BUTTON” ONLY ONCE to move to the next registration page. It may take 10+ seconds to calculate your total and move to next page. Clicking on it more than once just slows the system down and may cause it to freeze.
  • NEVER USE THE “RECALCULATION BUTTON” OR MOVE BACK TO A PREVIOUS PAGE using your “back” browser button on your web browser tool bar.
  • REMEMBER: CLASS CHOICES ARE NOT YOURS UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE PAYMENT INFO AND CLICK ON THE “FINISH”  BUTTON……another reason why it is important to keep moving ahead through registration quickly.